Trips / Activities

All groups in camp participate in the following activities

Dance -taught by professional dance teachers and choreographers, students will learn dance steps based on modern and contemporary music.

Physical Education -our physical education program is designed to give children a well-rounded and fun experience while challenging them physically. Taught by NYC DOE physical education teachers.

ELA/Math Practice -children forget a lot during the summer. These activities, which are led by NYC teachers, are geared towards practicing what your child learned in the previous year, while preparing them for what to expect in the coming school year.

Outdoor Sports -we make frequent use of MarinePark and do organized team sports such as Basketball, football and soccer etc.

Swimming -We rent an offsite swimming pool that our camp uses twice a week. We staff our own lifeguards and our groups are the only groups using the pool at the time. Whether or not your child knows how to swim, he or she will be able to participate. The swimming pool starts at a shallow 3 feet deep and children are restricted to water no more than chest deep. If your child is a swimmer he/she will be tested before being allowed to enter the deeper water. We take aquatics safety very seriously!!

Karate -Campers learn the fundamentals of self defense in a safe and non-competitive environment. Taught by black belt level instructors. Drama, baking, movies, computers and more!!

Some of our trips include:*
Club Getaway (overnight), Sesame Place, Dorney Park, Splish Plash Water Park, Keansburg Amusement Park, Camping (overnight), Great Wolf Lodge (overnight), Boomers, Adventureland, Hershey Park, Museums, Arcades, Bowling and much much more!!

*Please note that not all trips are scheduled every summer. Refer to camp calendar for specific information. Trips are subject to change.