Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the camp travel?
A: We use full size school buses, company vans on a daily basis. For some overnights and extended day trips we use air conditioned buses with bathrooms.

Q: Which group will my child be in?
A: Your child will be in a group of children who are of the same gender and who are going into the same grade as your child.

Q: Can I pay for camp after the May 31 deadline.
A: No. Any child who has an outstanding balance will not be able to attend camp.

Q: My child’s medical appointment is scheduled for after the start of camp. Can he/she still attend camp before that time?
A: Yes. Your child may attend camp as long as we have a note from your child’s doctor stating that he/she is in good health and may attend camp, along with the appointment date.

Q: Can parents attend trips with their child?
A: It is our policy as well as the regulations of the NYC Health Dept. that all people in contact with campers have the necessary background check and be medically cleared. This would not be possible with parents. In addition, being a parent does not qualify or guarantee that the person is permitted to be around children.

Q: My child does not swim, will he/she be able to go to the pool?
A: Many children and adults of all ages cannot swim. At our camp all children in the Adventurers Division are restricted to water no more than 3ft deep. Children in the explorers Division may, if they choose take a deep water test. This will allow them to enter the deep end of the pool and also to do certain restricted rides on trips. All children will receive either a yellow or green swimmers bracelet in the beginning of camp that will designate them as a non-swimmer or swimmer, respectively.

Q: My child takes medication regularly, can your staff give it to him/her?
A: Due to NYC law we are not allowed to administer medication, apply creams etc. This applies to over the counter items as well. Staff will at no time administer anything to your child. We are able to store medication, either refrigerated or room temperature for your child to take on his/her own. If medication of any kind will be sent to camp parents must let the camp director know. Please note that in the event of an emergency we will administer epi-pen, asthma pump etc.

Q: I’m worried about water-based trips. How will I know my child is safe?
A: Your child will be under constant supervision by his/her counselors at all times. The Director or Assitant Director is always on hand on every single trip and we have our own life guards which accompany our camp to any and all water based trips. They are there to supervise our children only, in addition to the lifeguards on site at water parks, beaches, pools..etc.

Q: How many children and counselors are there per group?
A: All groups contain between 10-15 children. Each group will have 2-3 counselors. The ratio for all ages on trips is 1 counselor for every 5 children.

Q: My child is not potty trained. Can he/she attend camp?
A: Unfortunately, children who are not potty trained cannot attend camp because we are often out of the building on trips and we do not have the ability to properly attend to these matters outside of our facility.

Q: Is lunch served every day and do I need to send food with my child?
A: Lunch and snack are served daily at camp or on trips. Outside food is not permitted in the building. However, if you would like to send your child to camp with a snack such as a fruit and a water bottle please feel free to do so.

Q: Does my child receive breakfast at camp?
A: No. Please feed your child breakfast before coming to camp.

Q: Should I send my child to camp with money?
A: Some trips have concession stands where a lot of children want to go and buy their own food or souvenirs. We will send out a letter before each and every trip with details for that coming trip and suggested amounts of money to send in with your child. Please keep in mind that we do have a vending machine in our building and children are allowed to use it.

Q: My child is allergic to certain foods. Can I send him in with his own food?
A: This would depend on the type of allergy. Please discuss all allergies with the directors and your child’s counselors, and if needed your child will be allowed to bring in his own lunch every day, in extreme cases.

Q: Does my child really need to wear his/her camp shirt on trips?
A: YES! Camp shirts are a must on trips and on swim days as well. This allows us to better monitor our children and account for them at all times. On non-trip days, however, it is not mandatory to wear a camp shirt while in the building.

Q: Can my child wear flip-flops to camp?
A: NO. Children are always engaged in sports or some kind of physical activity, which requires them to wear sneakers. Flip flops may be brought in a bag when going swimming. But keep in mind that on most swim days your child will probably go to the park as well.

Q: Can my child’s counselor help my child apply sunscreen?
A: No. According to health department guidelines we are not allowed to touch your child in any way, therefore please apply sunblock at home.

Q: Can my child bring in his/her cell phone, ipod, ipad?
A: Electronic devices are not recommended to be brought into camp as they can and will get lost or damaged. Cell phones are not allowed to be used during camp hours to ensure that all children are participating in the daily events and are not distracted. However, if you feel that your child needs to bring in his/her cell phone for after camp hours use, then feel free to do so, as long as it is not in use during camp hours and as long as you understand that you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged electronic devices of any kind.

Q: My child does not want to go on todays trip. Can he/she stay in the building with another group from another division?
A: No. All groups have a specific child to counselor ratio. Therefore all children must remain in their respective assigned groups. If your child does not want to participate in any trip, please keep your child home for the day.

Q: Do I get a refund for the days that my child is either sick or missing from camp?
A: No. There is no refund for absenteeism, no matter what.

Q: My child has summer homework can he/she bring in his/her school work to do in camp?
A: Once a week, each child will participate in a summer study program, which will refresh their minds of the material they learned throughout the year. Your child may bring in their homework on this day to do during this period.

Q: Are camp staff trained in CPR and First Aid?
A: Yes. The Directors, Lifeguards and many counselors are certified in CPR and First Aid. A few are also certified in RTE (responding to emergencies.)

Q: What other requirements do you have for counselor employment?
A: Most of our staff work with us year round in our After School Program, and all must submit a resume, must have past experience working with children, must submit three letters of reference and in addition, all must sumbit to a finger printing process by the department of health for after school and must be cleared by the department of justice for camp to ensure that they are cleared to work with children and do not have a history of child abuse and maltreatment. In addition many are mandated reporters which makes them trained in identifying and reporting child abuse when they see it, and many are also trained in CPR and First Aid. In addition most of our staff are either public school teachers or are in college working towards their degree in child education or a similar field. The most important quality that we look for when hiring your child’s counselors is compassion and a true love for education and children.

In addition, all staff go through rigorous training by Baruchi, our director about all aspects of camp including, safety, bullying, activity leading training, how to deal with a difficult child training, daily trip procedure training, swimming procedure training…etc.