After School Program Fees

Children who attend one of the many schools we serve, are picked up by either school bus or company van and are brought to our facility at Brooklyn College. Transportation from these designated schools is included in the tuition. A light snack , homework help, and a vast array of activities such as karate, dance, music, arts and crafts, second language, physical education, drama, computers and more is also included in the monthly tuition.

Registration Fee : A $260 one time per child per year registration fee must be paid at the time of registration. This Fee is Non Refundable. This is to hold your child’s spot in our program.

Monthly Fee :
1 Day per week until 6:00pm – $328.00
2 Days per week until 6:00pm – $351.00
3 Days per week until 6:00pm – $374.00
4 Days per week until 6:00pm – $397.00
5 days per week until 6:00pm – $420.00

1 day per week until 7:00pm – $378.00
2 days per week until 7:00pm – $401.00
3 days per week until 7:00pm – $424.00
4 days per week until 7:00pm – $447.00
5 days per week until 7:00pm – $470.00

Vacation Program Fee : $55 per child per day

All tuition is paid on a monthly basis on the 1st of each month by either ten post dated, signed checks which have to be submitted at time of registration, or a credit card authorization form which has to be filled out at time of registration. All transactions are processed at the end of the day of the 1st of each month. If cash is your preferred method of payment, you may submit your payment before the closing of the 1st day of the month and we will not process your credit card or your check will be returned to you.