Our facility is conveniently located at Brooklyn College, steps away from the Flatbush Junction. We have over fifteen years of experience both in summer camp and after school programs. This experience, combined with our dedication has made our program one of the best in Brooklyn.

Our philosophy is to create a safe, fun and enriching environment that all children can develop and thrive in. We believe that every child is unique and our programs are tailored with that in mind. Your child will forge relationships with their peers and staff members that will last a lifetime.

Our programs run twelve months out of the year with very little time off. We are here to serve working parents and between after school, summer camp, vacation programs and minicamp your child will have a place to be all year long.
When you walk into our building you are greeted by one of our staff members who personally knows you and your children. You immediately get the sense that you are home. This is what we strive for. In our eyes, children are the foundation of tomorrow and we believe that investing in them today will bring a better tomorrow. We also know that children need to feel respected and safe which is our primary concern.

Our staff is comprised of people who are working in the educational field on some level or are working toward a college degree in something pertaining to child education. Some are teachers for the board of Education. They all believe that the work they do with your children on a daily basis is the most rewarding job there is because they recognize that each child is special in his or her own way and has the potential to truly change the world.

Families, who walk through our doors, tell us on a daily basis that they are so grateful for the way we care about and for their children. They ask us why they hadn’t found us before. Usually these parents leave their children in our program year after year from after school into summer camp and before their siblings come of age, they already enroll them to make sure that their child will have a spot in our program for the coming year.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Campus family!!!

Campus Staff